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Bulletin for the week of March 24, 2019

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Dates to Remember

March 24—Preparing lunches for homeless (immediately following service)
March 24—Set up room for next week's dinner
March 25—Prayer meeting (9 a.m.-5 p.m.)
March 29—Young Adult small group (7 p.m.)
March 31—Holy Grounds Café (9:00-10:20)
March 31—Imparting the Blessing service
April 3—Lunch with the First Lady
April 7—Men’s Breakfast (7:30 a.m.)
April 7—Pastor Appreciation Day
April 7—Preparing lunches for homeless
April 27—God’s Mighty Single Men & Women of Faith (6 p.m.)


Imparting the Blessing

Next Sunday, March 31, we will be having a special blessing service for our children. It is going to be a time of prayer, praise, repentance, forgiveness, and the Word. I want to encourage you to bring your children and grandchildren to be in this special service. I know it will be a blessing. We are expecting many visitors to the service. Following the service, we will be having a potluck dinner in the back. Sisters Dora, Doretha, and Rose are going to be doing most of the cooking but we are asking you to bring a dessert or two.
Please be in prayer with me about this important service.
Pastor Chris

Pastor Appreciation Day

April 7 has been designated as “Pastor Appreciation Day.” We have some fun things planned to honor Pastor Smithey and Sister Teresa. We are planning a carry-in dinner after church on April 7. We will provide chicken and cake. We will also be receiving a special love offering for Pastor Smithey on March 31. If you will not be here on the 31st and would like to be included in the offering, you may place your love offering in a giving envelope and designate “Pastor Appreciation” on the front at anytime up to March 31.



Our nursery is more than a babysitting room. The gospel is taught to the children in an age appropriate way through stories and songs. It is located down the long hallway and is available for children from birth—5 years. You can bring your child back anytime after 9:30 a.m. (The cry room is also available for those who would like to stay with their child.)

Children’s Church

Pastor will pray for and dismiss the children to go to Children’s Church after the praise and worship part of the service. Children's Church is for children beginning at age 4 years.

Weekly Prayer Meeting

The church doors are open every Monday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. for you to come and pray at your own pace and in your own way. Prayer requests can be placed in the prayer box located at the front of the platform. These requests will be kept in the prayer box for six weeks. Remember, if you want your request or praise report printed in the bulletin you HAVE to sign your name and check the “yes” box.

Praying for the Lost

Don’t forget to pray for salvation for the names posted on the “Prayer Wall” in the foyer. If you have someone you would like the church to help you pray for their salvation, write their first name only and place it on the board.

Feeding the Homeless

We are scheduled to provide lunches for the homeless on the 2nd and 4th Mondays. We usually make these lunches on Sundays after the morning worship services. The next date is April 7.

Holy Grounds Café

This ministry encourages fellowship as we have refreshments such as coffee, danishes, etc. We meet every Sunday morning in the church cafe, beginning at 9:00 and ending at 10:20, just before our morning worship service.

Young Adult Small Group

We will be continuing our new small group for Young Adults on March 29. This group is for those 18-35 years of age. They meet at the church every other Friday night starting at 7 p.m. This group is open to both married and singles within this age group. Please note that there is no child care for this group. It is led by CJ Smithey. If you have any questions, please see CJ.

Men’s Breakfast

Men, join us for our next monthly Men’s Breakfast, Sunday, April 7 at 7:30 a.m. Bring a friend with you.

God’s Mighty Single Men & Women of Faith

Our Singles Care Group meetings take place monthly on the fourth Saturday of the month at 6 p.m. For more information, see Emma Barron. The next meeting will be on April 27.

Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

We understand that not everyone wants to have their prayer request printed in the bulletin. Therefore, we will usually only publish your request if it is written out, you have signed your name, and have checked the “yes” box on the prayer request form in the printed bulletin (or have indicated such through digital means).
These requests will only be listed for six weeks. PLEASE update your request if you would like it to remain longer.

  • CJ Smithey has asked for help in praying that he gets on 1st shift soon. His working 3rd shift is interfering with his time with his son and beginning to affect his health.
  • Please continue to pray for Kristina Rogers (Teresa Smithey’s youngest sister) as she believes God for a complete healing from the cancer.
  • Please continue to pray for Teresa Smithey’s brother, George, concerning mold poisoning he was exposed to about 2 years ago.
  • Continue to pray for John & Teri Ziegler as he continues to heal and goes through rehab at Helia Nursing Home, and that the choices they make are the right ones.
  • Continue to pray for 15 year old Trent (George & Joyce Little's grandson). The doctors haven’t given them very good news concerning his prognosis.
  • We want to continue to remember (George’s) Joyce Little in our prayers as she waits for God’s timing in healing her body.

Daily Prayer List

The following people need daily prayer until further notice. Please be sure to keep us up-to-date concerning any person you ask to be placed on this list…Thank You!


  • Cole Griffet
  • Scott Clinton
  • Ron Morrow
  • Brad Main
  • Josh Steinlicht
  • Byron Hulme
  • Garrett Tolley
  • Emilee Frankhauser
  • Trevor Howe
  • Harley Smith
  • Wynn Burroughs
  • Dondré Anderson
  • Brandon Dawson


  • Maxine Carlton
  • Cate Booth
  • Betty Raad

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